Tiny Thanksgiving Patterns are Here


It’s mid November—time to move on from talk of walls (at least for now) and start building bridges made of butter and carbs. Thanksgiving is coming!

In Mochimochi Land, we’re giving thanks for the little things with some sweet and savory new projects that you can make much more quickly than an actual Thanksgiving dinner. Knit a tiny turkey, tofurkey (or fruitcake, if you prefer), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie for a miniature centerpiece that will delight your cool cousin Rita and confound Uncle Ernesto.

The pattern collection is available as a PDF download for $6 from the Mochimochi Shop. And take half off with the code THANKS through 11/27!


Let me also take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been a part of Mochimochi Land this year with your knitting, your commenting, your sharing, your purchases, and your crazy mods. It’s a privilege to share this world of knitting with you! And if you’re new to Mochimochi Land, welcome!


7 thoughts on “Tiny Thanksgiving Patterns are Here

  1. Adorable! I’ve been wanting Tiny Turkey since last year.
    And Tiny Tofurkey also makes a good Lego brick with a bit of tweaking. So, I can use it for Christmas too.

  2. I guessed right!!!! When you posted a sneak preview of this pattern on Instagram back in the Fall, this was my guess! I can’t believe it! They’re even cuter than I imagined they might be! :)

    I love all your work!
    Happy Holidays!

    Michelle (Fruit Snack Knits)

  3. I am going to get this pattern to make the entire eal for my daughter to cheer her up. Its been a rough time for her and family since the summer. I just want her to smile again.

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