LYS Love: Gather Here

The Cambridge sewing studio and yarn store Gather Here were nice enough to send me some photos of their Mochimochi Land kits on display!

You can take my word for it: This store alone is a great excuse for a trip to the Boston area. It’s been too long since I visited myself, but I hope to return before too long. I need to meet these fat little unicorns in person!

If you live far away like I do, you can still shop online and support them! They deserve your support.

And if your local yarn store isn’t carrying Mochimochi Land kits, why not suggest they get in touch?

One thought on “LYS Love: Gather Here

  1. Gather Here is ALWAYS a good time. They have the latest and the greatest; a fantastic selection of neat yarn, cool fabric and they carry all the MOCHIMOCHILAND kits. The owners and helpers are friendly and helpful and you’ll fall in love with this store!!

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