11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest: The Photo Vote!

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners!

Here is your ballot for the 11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest! We’ll leave the poll open through Sunday, May 20th. Please vote only one time (although you can vote for as many photos as you like, and we ask that you vote for at LEAST 2 photos).

Good luck to these very bold and original knitters!

(Click below for the ballot.)

If you haven’t yet, go vote on the top videos next!

6 thoughts on “11th Annual Mochimochi Photo Contest: The Photo Vote!

  1. My sister Meredith loves the teeny tiny mochis I make for her. She took her whole collection and made mini paper tacos and tortilla chips and decided to enter. So proud of her! Only 11 years old and great at paper crafting.

  2. When I try to get the ballot, It chooses Squiddy and doesn’t let me see the other entries.

  3. Sara, I was going to say the same thing, but eventually I figured out that clicking on Squiddy and then scrolling down worked to get me the other photos.

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