Donations for Doggies (and Kitties)

Thanks to your help, we’ve raised enough to donate $200 to animal welfare causes in July! We decided to split the gift and donate to two organizations. First is the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, who both rescues dogs during disasters and employs dogs to help rescue people. Natural disasters especially are on the rise these days, so this seemed like a great organization to support right now.

And second is Homeward Bound, the Addison County Vermont Humane Society, which Linda P. emailed us about:

We adopted our cat, Callie, from Homeward Bound… When she arrived there she was recovering from a broken pelvis and a number of Dental problems. Not only did they fix all her dental issues including pulling some teeth. They put her on medication for her pelvic arthritis and pain. Additionally, spaying and microchipping her.

She is a special needs kitty. They treat her and any animal that comes to them with the same care and compassion. They offer low cost spay and neuter clinics for the community and much more.

How sweet is Callie! Thank you to Linda for telling us about her and the wonderful work people in your community are doing.

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  1. Oh Anna, this is so wonderful! Thank you so very much. You are kind and generous to do this.

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