The Tiny Alpaca Kit is Now a Feliciti kit!

I got some bad news earlier this year: The alpaca blend yarn that I’ve used to knit tiny alpaca since 2015 was discontinued! Not only was I making all my alpaca out of this yarn, it was also the yarn that I included in all of my tiny alpaca kits. 😢

BUT THEN in April an opportunity presented itself: the perfect local source appeared at YarnCon: Deitricks’ Alpaca Ranch from Prophetstown, IL!

Just look at this handsome herd! (And if you live in the area, you can meet them: Deitricks offers plenty of ways you can commune with alpaca, from summer camps, to birthday parties, to yoga!)

Tracy had nine skeins of the softest, fluffiest fingering-weight alpaca yarn made from the fleece of a beautiful alpaca named Feliciti that she let me take home.

(Can’t you just feel the softness through the screen?)

So for a limited time, the Tiny Alpaca Kits available in my shop are tiny Feliciti kits! (As before, the yarn for the face and legs is Cascade Heritage, a wool/nylon blend, which contrasts nicely with the fluffy alpaca.)

We have enough Feliciti yarn to make about 90 kits for now, and this is a supply that may or may not be replenished with the same lovely yarn. So get yours now! UPDATE: I just got 11 more skeins, yay!

Each kit contains the intermediate-level pattern (hello, short rows!) and enough yarn and stuffing to make 2 tiny alpaca. 🦙❤️🦙

And of course, the pattern is also available as a PDF download.