Tiny Ms. Claus Ravelry update

UPDATE: Ravelry listings have been fixed (thank you, Editors!), and all who requested her should now have the Ms. Claus pattern in their libraries. Thank you for your patience!

A little update on Tiny Ms. Claus, for those of you who requested her on Ravelry:

The pattern wasn’t showing up when I tried it add it to my shop on the backend (so that it could be purchased on Ravelry and also gifted to those who requested it), so I created a duplicate pattern listing, which did allow me to list it in the shop. I’ve submitted a request that the two pattern listings be merged, so that the knitter photos from the original listing will be connected. I’m not confident that this won’t mess with the uploaded pattern, though, so I’m waiting for that merge to happen before I send it out via Ravelry.

Anyone who has insight on this merge process, I’d love your input on the situation! Thank you all for your patience!