A Ducky Giveaway for Fowl Times

UPDATE: We got 145 ducky comments over on Instagram, yay! Winners have been posted and notified. Thanks to all who entered!

Hi everybody! I hope you’re hanging in there and finding some fun in the extended weirdness. Here’s a little fun especially for those of you who don’t knit: A Duck-a-Luck giveaway!

These ducks have been frozen in ice and thawed out three times over, and they’re still fresh as the day they were knit. (Why did I freeze them? To make them last longer during quarantine, of course!)

Now that they’re happy and dry, these ducks are ready to spread their wings. If you live in the US, you can enter to win one by leaving a comment on THIS INSTAGRAM POST with something duck-ish. (Also, please follow @mochimochiworld on Instagram!)

Plus, each of the winners will get to send out a funky little bluebird to a friend 💙

I’ll pick winners next week (April 20th).

And you can find the Duck-a-Luck pattern at three price levels in my shop, or find it on Ravelry!