Fruity Knitting Interview

I was so pleased to be recently interviewed by Andrea Doig of Fruity Knitting. You can see me (with my pre-COVID haircut) talk about how Mochimochi Land came to be and share some highlights about specific projects and patterns.

If you’re checking out my website after seeing the interview, welcome!

Big thanks to Andrea and Andrew for the interview.

6 thoughts on “Fruity Knitting Interview

  1. I enjoyed your interview on Fruity Knitting. I’d like to get the Duke the Mallard pattern but I can’t find it on your website. Is it only available on Ravelry?

  2. Hi Anna
    It seems you have the craziest humor and I just love it. I will start knitting tiny toys and then my 12-year-old grandchild, Sofie, can make stop motion pictures, as she is attending a class in that. I suppose that from there on, I will be making the figures she needs and which spring from her imagination. And then I suppose and hope the tiny figures and their apparent personalities will “spread” to the four younger girls as well. Thank you so much for the inspiration, I’m very much looking forward to this.
    All the best!
    Dorthe Viemose from Denmark

  3. I should add that I saw and so enjoyed the interview with you on Fruity Knitting

  4. i can’t tell you how much I loved this interview on the Fruity Knitting podcast. I wrote to thank Andrew and Andrea as i’ve watched every one of their episodes. I’ve loved and experimented with animations for as long as I remember,starting with flip books years before my children were born (during my teaching primary school days) and have just started a fun animation course with Carla Sonheim’s group to take, just for fun over the Covid period. It’s so much fun as it teaches how to use an app to make the animations, add sound and more. So much less time consuming than trying to repeat the photos or labour intensive time needed to create more content! It’s been Just perfect for me. I’ve loved your account for ages now and since the algorithm changed with IG, I don’t always get to see your posts, :-( but by week’s end, I actually go searching to see what you’ve posted lately and you never cease to give me a warm fuzzy feeling and to make me smile. I often picture you creating the process for the posts! Thank you so much, Anna, for sharing your story and the journey and here’s to much more for the future. Lu in Australia

  5. I had seen the lovely knitting gnome does balloon heart giff, but didn’t realize until the interview that there was a whole world of cuteness behind the video. Thank you for bringing such delight into the world.

  6. Thank you for these lovely comments! I have been blown away by the warm reception I’ve gotten from Fruity Knitting fans. I’m not used to being on camera, so it’s really nice to hear that a positive message got through. If I can get more people knitting tiny cute things and enjoying the results, I think that’s not a bad life’s work!

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