New Tina the Tiny T-Rex pattern in Knitrino

I’m so excited to share this tiny dinosaur with the world!

Tina the Tiny T-Rex is a new pattern available exclusively in the Knitrino app. Knitrino offers a new way to experience knitting patterns using interactive charts. You can find Knitrino in both app stores.

And right now you can purchase a kit with lovely Hand Dyed Diva yarn AND join an upcoming tiny t-rex class with me! See the Knitrino website for kit and class details.

Tina was inspired by my kids’ burgeoning interest in all things dinosaur, and her name was inspired by the way my kids have been naming anything and everything Tina. (We found about 30 centipedes named Tina in our back yard this summer.)

3 thoughts on “New Tina the Tiny T-Rex pattern in Knitrino

  1. So on the App it says $9.25 but is not clear if it is just for the pattern or a kit, can you clarify if its for the kit? Thank you!

  2. Hi Shelly! That’s the price for the pattern. The price reflects the interactivity of the pattern. The kit was available through the Knitrino website, but it looks like they’ve sold out. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify!

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