Happy Moo Year (save some mooo-lah!)

Happy year of the cow! It’s off to a udderly disappointing start (for the most part). But there are good things on the horizon in 2021.

For example, this could be the year that you practice self care through knitting delightful little toys for yourself and for others! Here’s some encouragement: 21% off most everything in the Mochimochi Shop.

Just use the code HAPPYMOOYEAR when checking out to take 21% off everything. (Gift cards, hand-knit originals, and the Bluebirds of Crappiness pattern are the only things the discount won’t apply to.)

4 thoughts on “Happy Moo Year (save some mooo-lah!)

  1. Where can I find the pattern for the adorable cow? Actually, I thought it was the year of the ox, so if you’ve got that pattern, that would be great. Either bovines would be great.

  2. THANK YOU. Of course. What was I thinking (clearly I wasn’t)? I’m on it right now….

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