Mysteries revealed!

Big reveal time! The Mystery Surprise Kits were…
Pet Bugs! 🐛 🦋 🐝
See them in action on Instagram!

I hope those of you who got the kits were pleased with your cute weird knitting projects 💜

Now that the Bunnybee is out of the bag, the patterns and kits—plus one last surprise—are coming to my shop soon! For now, the ONLY places you can find them are at Cheers To Ewe (who is also responsible for the lovely Hand Dyed Diva yarn included in each of these kits) in Huntersville, NC, and Knit & Bolt in Minneapolis.

Thanks to my friend Kate O’Leary for sparking the whole concept with her Bunnybee obsession ✨

Keep an eye out for these patterns and kits to come to Mochimochi Land officially later this summer, along with yet ANOTHER fun mystery-surprise!

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