Pet Bugs patterns and kits are here!

Pet Bugs are the cutest little mutants you’ll ever knit! The new, intermediate-level pattern collection features four adorable insect/mammal mashups that knit up quickly for near-instant companionship: Doggerpillar, Bunnybee, Hamsterfly, and Snitten (snail cat, obviously!)


Along the with downloadable patterns, kits for all four cuddly bugs featuring yummy Hand Dyed Diva yarn are also now in the shop.


Three of the four Pet Bugs were the mystery kits in June—if you got those, you can now complete your collection by adding the Snitten Kit, which comes in four different fun color combos!

The concept for these weird little buggies came from my friend Kate O’Leary, who encouraged me to knit a bunnybee (she suggested it like it was something you see all the time). When I finally delivered on her request, the little bunnybee was so cute I had to make more furry bug combos, and Pet Bugs were hatched!


Thank you to Kate, and thanks to my superb tech editor Marilyn Passmore and super test knitter Amanda for help making the patterns the best they can bee!

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