The showcase of cuteness continues today with the second batch of honorable mentions in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest!

These are photos that we just adored for their charm and creativity! See them all after the jump.

In no particular order…

Mr. Moose, Sneaking into a Present by Mineral Cats


This is one naughty moose! We love to see mochis getting into mischief.

Bunnies in the Carrot Patch by GilStep


So this is what a tiny bunny home looks like! Adorable, of course.

Owl by kailand


Simple and beautiful mod of the tiny perching pigeons!

Harry Potter knits by hilary2pan


It’s like all the characters have jumped right out of the books! (How cute would these be as little bookmark fobs?)

Caveman in the City by bryanmounce


Giant cute things attacking a city is a subject close to our hearts.

It’s Ninjabun! Little Bunny has learned his lesson by gardeningmouse


We’re all about combos of toys like this! This is part of a 3-photo series, which you can see on the knitter’s Flickr page.

It’s hot outside! by TwoPercentMilk


Poor ice cream scoop! We love the little scene with hand-drawn background.

Pucker up! by grasley


What could be more adorable than two tiny gnomes smooching under mistletoe? The guy in the background pretending not to peek!

Wooosh… by Dknits


These jumbo gnomes are having fun and rocking some custom sweaters! (All of which I want in my size.)

The Horror. by momshoo


The cuteness! The shock!

Hooray for all these clever knitters! Stay tuned for the first batch of semifinalists, coming tomorrow!

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