Semifinalists ’12, Group One

The time has come to reveal the first 10 semifinalists in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest! These knitters blew us away with their mad knitting skills and crazy-original ideas.

Now that we’re onto the semifinals, we need your help to narrow them down into our finals group. Please ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post. We rely on all of you to make our decision, so it’s important! Just leave a comment saying which photo or photos you would really like to see make the big final vote.

Teamwork by amyh1979


Snowmen working together! We love all their little limbs clamoring over each other.

Tiny Swedish Chef by ohdeerlette


This is a simple mod that really shines. Fantastic background, too!

Cavemen living the prehistoric life Stephanie_055


These are really some posh cavemen with their fancy prehistoric TV. And the improvised cave walls are genius!

Tiny Texas Zombiedillo says Hola by withmyneedles


Hola zombiedillo! You are cute and hilarious.

Angry Birds! by joanna.sammis


An awesome tribute to one of our favorite games! The score at the top really completes this image.

Tiny Knit Sushi by Bitter-Sweet-


Gorgeous food photography here—that tiny sushi looks good enough to eat (and then gag on).

Thriller by knitjvf


We love a good MJ homage! You can just picture these guys breaking out into a lurching Thriller dance.

Big Mistake by kawaiihunter


How is tiny gnome going to get out of this sticky situation?? Such drama and suspense!

Gertrude the Mermaid on her inland vacation by Starparty2000


Gertrude is simply ravishing! The combination of leaf, water ripples, and tiled swimming pool is really cool.

Mama called the Dr and he said NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED! by Snickerdoodleloves


Poor mama monkey has her hands full! You can see the entire adorable story on the knitter’s Flickr page.

Now that you’ve been dazzled by these awesome photos, please ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post! We’ll reveal then second batch of semifinalists on Monday, so stay tuned for more mochi adorableness!

251 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’12, Group One

  1. So many awesome photos it is hard to narrow it down. But I really love, Big Mistake, Teamwork, Cavemen and um, Thriller. :D

  2. Cause this is thriller, thriller night
    And no one’s gonna save you from the beast about strike
    You know it’s thriller, thriller night
    You’re fighting for your life inside a killer, thriller tonight!

  3. I love the snowmen working together and how cute is that angel on top of the tree! Love that one especially. I hope it wins.

  4. Teamwork is my favorite with honorable mentions going to
    Thriller, No more Monkeys jumping on the bed and Zombidello.

  5. It’s december and it has been snowing all day here, so I have to go for the snowmen. I would love them to come and give my christmastree a lovely angel like that!
    The other pictures are all really cute as well, congratulations on such a good job everyone!

  6. I LOVE Teamwork! That is so cute. Angry Birds, Tiny Texas Zombiedillo, No More Monkeys… and Thriller are my other favorites. They’re all so good!…

  7. I do like Teamwork, the hands were genius. But there was something about the hat! on the Tiny Texas Zombiedillo that made it my fav.

  8. One million percent my vote goes to TEAMWORK!!! Absolutely ADORABLE!!! I don’t think any of it could be any cuter!!! Awesome idea!!!

  9. As winter closes in on us and we’re all madly shopping and decorating, Gertrude the Mermaid looks so relaxed and happy. I want to be her! (and I vote for her too) ;-)

  10. Teamwork so made me smile! Definitely my favorite. I did think that the Swedish Chef was well done and deserves the “Most Looks Like the Original” award.

  11. Trying to pick just four (though ALL are amazing!), I’ll have to go with… Teamwork, Zombiedillo, Angry birds, and Thriller.

  12. Teamwork gets my vote! I love the bright colors, beautiful photo, and use of Snowmen’s versatility!
    I do have a soft spot in my heart for the Sweedish Chef though :)

  13. Another vote for Thriller. The floor and the wall–both knitted. The angles of the zombies just perfect. Love it. I thought Teamwork was by far the best, but Thriller won on the detail.

  14. all together they are really an impressive bunch. so much humour with such small needles. my favourites:
    tiny swedish chef
    thriller and
    big mistake

  15. Another awesome selection this year. How can you decide?

    If I had to pick just one, it would be thriller.

    Teamwork and monkeys would follow close behind.

  16. They are ALL amazing, so congrats to everyone who made it this far! But my top three would have to be: 1) Teamwork, 2) Tiny Texas Zombiedillo, and 3) Monkeys. Again, great work, everyone! You’ve inspired me to enter next year :)

  17. These are all amazing! My absolute favorite though is the Tiny Swedish Chef, I want him for my own!

  18. GASP! My caveman picture got in?! OMG thank you so much! Please vote for me! But if I had to choose a favourite besides mine, I have to give it to Big Mistake! That one is so cute!

  19. Zombie! Dillo!! Put ’em together, and you’ve got a post-apocalyptic rodeo worth payin’ two bits to spectate and not get zombified.


  21. I am very partial to the snowmen generally, and ‘Teamwork’ is just sooo cute!! In close second, I would vote for ‘Tiny Texas’. And in third place I am tied between ‘Mama called the Dr.’ and ‘Thriller’… both of them great group pieces!!
    But: ALL of them are GREAT, great, great!!

  22. Teamwork is awesome. Where do peoplfind the time to do that? I guess highschool does have a pretty big impact on your freetime though. I deffinitely think teamwork is the best.

  23. Teamwork is my fave with Thriller a close runner up. No More Monkeys Jumping On The Bed deserves a shout out though – suck a great amount of creativity and work went into the knitting and photo shoot!

  24. I love Teamwork, but I’m also crazy about armadillos, so put me down for both Teamwork and Zombiedillos?

  25. I am rooting for the Tiny Texas Zombiedillo! I love how he holds up his little hat and I can see him riding along.

  26. i love the tiny swedish chef for the details! a few details and immediately it became a recognisable character. of course, i am bias because I am a huge muppets fan.

  27. My vote goes to Teamwork . . . that must have taken forever to get the snowmen to balance like that. And I want to know where amyh1979 got the darling little tree . . .

  28. Hola Zombiedillo! Hang onto your darling hat and hold those cute little reins for the full 8 seconds. You’ve got my vote for the championship ride!

  29. Ilana:

    My vote goes to Teamwork . . . that must have taken forever to get the snowmen to balance like that. And I want to know where amyh1979 got the darling little tree . . .

    Hi llana…I got that tree at Crafts 2000 last year. Thanks for the vote : )


  30. Sorry, I posted my vote on group 2’s page – i don’t know if it matters but my vote is… “I’m thinking THRILLER… thriller yeah!”

  31. So lovely all of them but my favourites are Tiny Texas Zombiedillo, Teamwork, Tiny Swedish Chef and Cavemen living the prehistoric life.
    Good Luck Everyone : )

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