Semifinalists ’12, Group Two

Are you ready for a cuteness high? It’s time for the second group of semifinalists in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Along with the first 10 semifinalists, these photos wowed us with their devastating adorableness and astounding creativity. But don’t just look at them—let us know which are your favorites! We will narrow down the 20 semifinalists into 10 finalists based on the comments that you leave on this post, so be sure to make your voice heard. Then check back later this week when we’ll post the 10 final photos and have our final vote!

In no particular order…

Raaawrr… by neledh


A tiny dinosaur has never looked so epic! (Anybody else craving cookies now?)

Tiny knitted snowmen need food too by owlmazing


Epic is again a fitting adjective here. We love the big scene made out of simple materials.

Gnome Picnic by ForeverWrens


The only thing this picnic is missing is some tiny ants… such a darling scene!

Love in the Bakery by Ilana Marks


We are speechless before such a perfect match. (Although we have to say it’s pretty sweet!)

Knitted Sofa by JillWatt


We love the mysterious feel to this scene…

Gnomepaste by crafty_ez


If toothpaste were gnomes, would we all have cleaner teeth? I would like to find out.

Tiny Napoleon by zephrbabe


Such a perfect subject for miniaturizing! This little guy thinks he’s all that. (And I guess he is!)

Nia Watching KnitTV by FestiveFerret


Nia knows how to chill out! We love her family portrait too.

Stationery Strife by juleenbean


Looks like trouble in the pencil box! Hilarious.

Knitman’s Sampler by kls1004


Mama always said that life is like a box of mochis, right? If only!

Aren’t these photos awesome?! Don’t forget to root for your favorites in the comments, and then check back later this week for the final vote!

231 thoughts on “Semifinalists ’12, Group Two

  1. Too many great choices! I love the Knitman’s (check out the changes on the box!), I want a Knitted Sofa just like that, and the Gnomepaste is hilarious ~ can I vote for all three?

  2. I love the Gnomepaste! That is terrific mostly because it is so unexpected. I also like Raaarr and the Knitted Sofa, because tentacles make many things better (though not most anime).

  3. I’m so excited to see my Stationery Strife in the semi-finals! I’m really honored to be in among such humor and talent.

    “Mrs. Pencil wished her husband would remember to clean the sink when he was done sharpening.” :)

  4. I can’t believe my Gnome Picnic has been nominated! I am so excited—thank you so much! (Tiny Ants would have been great…)

    I also really like Raaawrr, the fishing snowman, Knitman’s Sampler, and the Bakery…

  5. So many awesome photos to choose from! I really like gnome paste, nia watching knittv, and knitman’s sampler!

  6. Knitted Sofa is amazing! Super photography and the attention to detain in the immaculate scenery is amazing. Mix that with the strange and intriguing subject matter and that’s my fave. Althought I do have a boy rat the same color as Nia so soft spot for that too :o)

  7. Gnomepaste is so imaginative. This would be my choice. I like Nia watching tv but would like it more if it were a knitted mouseAll are so cute and inventive. Kudos to each and every one of you.

  8. Oh man, the decisions!! The sofa, knitmans and the gnome toothpaste are all quite nice! Good luck everyone!

  9. Wow! Did they do a computer trick to get that Knitman’s Sampler box top made? That’s a great gifting idea!

    I vote for the Knitman’s sampler, gnomepaste, raaawr, gnome picnic and Love in the Bakery !!

    Hard round – I like them all.

  10. I love Raawr! – mini dino’s on biscuits is excellent. reminds me of a favourite childhood book about a dinosaur called ‘thing’

  11. How do you decide! It is no wonder all these talented folks made it to the semi-finals.

    My vote is for the Gnome Picnic but I have to give my honorable mention to Raawwrr!

  12. Knitman’s Sampler! That rocks ’cause that’s what I often do is make just one of everything.

  13. what a great set of photos! so hard to choose but my favorites are:

    Tiny knitted snowmen need food too
    Love in the Bakery
    Knitted Sofa

  14. it so exciting to have made it into the Semifinals. So my vote obviously is for the Knitman’s Sampler with second place going to Raaawrr…

  15. Oh man! Knitman’s Sampler, Knit Sofa (favorite color!), and Raaawrr! are all so awesome :D! (well, they are all awesome, really…)

  16. Knitman’s sampler is amazing!! I really like all the photo’s, but the Knitman’s Sampler is definitely my favorite!!

  17. My favorite semifinalists are Raaawwr…, Love in the Bakery, and Teamwork. All the knits are so cute!

  18. Raaawrr… and Tiny knitted snowmen need food too are amazing. I love the idea of using simple elements like the cookies and the fabric to create such a vivid scene.

  19. My favorites are:
    -Tiny knitted snowmen need food too by owlmazing
    -Love in the Bakery by Ilana Marks
    -Knitted Sofa by JillWatt

  20. Thank you so much for including “Nia Watches KnitTV” in the semifinalists. Nia is very excited, though she is more excited about getting more cheesy penguin crackers!

  21. Knitman’s Sampler…though I really like both the fishing one and the “No more monkeys jumping on the bed” as well.

  22. “Knitman’s Sampler” is a really cute and clever way to display all of the MochiMochi toys.

  23. SO. MANY. GOOD ONES. Let’s see, Knitman’s Sampler #1 (so tasty), Stationary Strife #2 (this made me laugh when I saw it in the flickr stream), and Raaawrr #3 (awesome staging!)

  24. So hard to pick just one!!! But my top three would have to be: 1) Gnome Picnic, 2) Gnomepast (I loved both gnome scenes; so cute!), and 3) Love in the Bakery (adorable!) Great job to all the semifinalists!

  25. Hard to choose one over the others, they’re all great! Have to go with the Gnome Picnic as my favorite.

  26. Gnome picnic! Those little gnomes are so cute and chubby!!! I would have had them eating donuts, but it’s still awesome!

  27. These are darling. You can tell that she spent a lot of time making each individual piece. Such a talent.

  28. Hi everyone!

    It’s great to see so many of you commenting! I just wanted to mention that when we notice the same person commenting more than once with “votes” for the same photo, we have to delete all of those votes. Cheaters have been warned!

  29. Soooo hard to choose 1, but I have to pick gnome paste! Makes me smile every time I see it. Everyone’s projects are great!

  30. I really like them all but my favorites are Love in the Bakery, Knitted Sofa, Tiny Napoleon and Knitman’s Sampler
    Good Luck everyone !

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