The time has come to reveal the first 10 semifinalists in the 2012 Mochimochi Photo Contest! These knitters blew us away with their mad knitting skills and crazy-original ideas.

Now that we’re onto the semifinals, we need your help to narrow them down into our finals group. Please ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post. We rely on all of you to make our decision, so it’s important! Just leave a comment saying which photo or photos you would really like to see make the big final vote.

Teamwork by amyh1979


Snowmen working together! We love all their little limbs clamoring over each other.

Tiny Swedish Chef by ohdeerlette


This is a simple mod that really shines. Fantastic background, too!

Cavemen living the prehistoric life Stephanie_055


These are really some posh cavemen with their fancy prehistoric TV. And the improvised cave walls are genius!

Tiny Texas Zombiedillo says Hola by withmyneedles


Hola zombiedillo! You are cute and hilarious.

Angry Birds! by joanna.sammis


An awesome tribute to one of our favorite games! The score at the top really completes this image.

Tiny Knit Sushi by Bitter-Sweet-


Gorgeous food photography here—that tiny sushi looks good enough to eat (and then gag on).

Thriller by knitjvf


We love a good MJ homage! You can just picture these guys breaking out into a lurching Thriller dance.

Big Mistake by kawaiihunter


How is tiny gnome going to get out of this sticky situation?? Such drama and suspense!

Gertrude the Mermaid on her inland vacation by Starparty2000


Gertrude is simply ravishing! The combination of leaf, water ripples, and tiled swimming pool is really cool.

Mama called the Dr and he said NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED! by Snickerdoodleloves


Poor mama monkey has her hands full! You can see the entire adorable story on the knitter’s Flickr page.

Now that you’ve been dazzled by these awesome photos, please ROOT FOR YOUR FAVORITES in the comments to this post! We’ll reveal then second batch of semifinalists on Monday, so stay tuned for more mochi adorableness!

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