Tiny Woodland Buttons are Here

I’m so smitten with the Tiny Woodland creatures that I debuted earlier in the fall that I just had to get pin-back buttons made!


These guys are available as a pack of 4 for $5 in the Mochimochi Shop.

As it so happens, at the same time that I was contemplating having these buttons made by Busy Beaver Button Co., I got an email from them asking if I’d be interviewed on their blog. And that interview is now up!


You might want to poke around a bit on their blog if you have a moment—you’ll be surprised at how many cool buttons you see there!

Thanks to Abbey and Busy Beaver Button Co. for the interview!

How to Make a Cat Bed in 4 Easy Steps

In this blog post, Soupy shows us how to make a cat bed in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Adventure Time Crafts Winner

It’s time to choose a winner for our giveaway of Adventure Time Crafts: Flippin’ Adorable Stuff to Make from the Land of Ooo by Chelsea Bloxom!


Last week I asked you all to leave a comment telling us your most adventurous crafting story, and I was delighted that 80 of you chimed in with stories of all kinds of challenging crafts and “make it work” moments! I’m just about to choose a winner, but first let’s look at one more cool spread from the book.


How cute is that Peppermint Butler Pillow?!? So if you entered the giveaway and you don’t win, maybe you’re convinced that you need to buy the book anyway!

Now for our winner—Random.org will choose for us, and it chooses…


Commenter number 11, Dibrotica Virgifera!

It’s not particularly adventurous but, when I learned how to crochet it was because my grandma got me Twinkie Chan’s book for Christmas, and I was already a knitter, but had never picked up a crochet hook. My first project was the cupcake scarf.
My boyfriend recently learned how to knit (from me :3 ) and his first big project was a Game of Thrones-inspired double-knit scarf. I think that makes him pretty badass.

Anybody who likes the designs of Twinkie Chan should enjoy Adventure Time Crafts, and vice versa, so I’m glad that we have a winner who will clearly appreciate this book!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway! And if crafty prizes get you excited, check out the details for the Mochimochi Photo Contest!

Don Quixote Scenes for Teatro alla Scala

Now and then I get an opportunity to work on a commercial project, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing this one for a while. Earlier this year, Milan advertising agency TITA asked me to create tiny knit characters and dramatic scenes from Don Quixote for a ballet produced by Teatro alla Scala. I recently received samples of the 8″x8.5″ brochure that my photographs became, which was distributed to the ballet audience in September. It’s such a thrill to see them in print!


The photos depict the major scenes from the famous story, starting with Don Quixote’s literary inspiration, to his adventures with Sancho Panza (knitted windmill included, of course), to his courting of Dulcinea.


This was the first time that I’d taken on a commercial project that involved my photographing characters in nature—I was really happy to get the experience, and I think the whole thing turned out nicely. And I had a blast making my versions of a tiny Don Quixote and the other characters!


I should probably say that I don’t have plans to make patterns available in the foreseeable future, but they might turn up in in a book or somewhere else someday.

You can see all of the photographs from this project over at my art website.

Adventure Time Crafts Giveaway

Update: Congrats to our winner!

Now that you’ve had the weekend to spend contemplating just how much you want those lotion bars from Milk+Honey and planning just how awesome your photo contest entry will be, I have a whole other cool giveaway for you today!

About a year ago, my editor, Caitlin Harpin, mentioned to me that she was working on a book full of Adventure Time-themed crafts. My first thought was how can I suddenly become the author of this book?, but Caitlin assured me that she was working with a very talented crafter who specializes in felt toys. A year later, I have Adventure Time Crafts: Flippin’ Adorable Stuff to Make from the Land of Ooo in my hands, and it’s way cooler than I imagined! And that author was none other than Chelsea Bloxsom of Love & A Sandwich! (Or, more specifically, the book was written by Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum with Chelsea Bloxom.)


If you’re not familiar with Adventure Time, it’s a Cartoon Network show that’s in the genre of “sort of for kids but also really for adults.” Finn the human and Jake the dog get up to wild adventures in their magical land of Ooo, where adorable creatures can take on surreal and psychedelic aspects at any moment. It’s a must-see for anyone who likes cute and strange stuff—like me!


Adventure Time a show that inspires its fans to get creative, so a craft book seems like a no-brainer. And Chelsea does such an excellent job of presenting a wide range of projects using different materials and skill levels that it seems like anyone can find something to make. My favorites are definitely the super cute felt projects!


These crocheted cozies reminded me of the Great Cozy Debate we had here last year. (I think these confirm the “cozies are awesome!” side.)


I am seriously tempted to photograph every page and share the whole thing, but just take my word that it’s all really awesome and cute.

Now for the giveaway! I have an extra copy of Adventure Time Crafts to send out to one lucky person. To enter, please leave one comment to this post telling us your most adventurous crafting story. Everyone worldwide can enter. I’ll choose a winner next Monday, November 17th!

Win Luscious Lotion Bars from Milk+Honey

How are your photo (and video) contest entries coming along? Perhaps you need a little motivation to get started? Creativity is its own reward, of course, but I also like to provide motivation in the form of cool prizes that we have in store for the winners. And this year we have a new sponsor: Milk+Honey, makers of beautiful, all-natural lotion bars!


How lovely are these designs?! That’s what first enticed me to try out Milk+Honey’s lotion bars. I actually hadn’t used a lotion bar before trying these, but I was quickly won over by the simplicity of the concept—just massage it in your hands for a few seconds. I’m not a natural products nut, but I like that the ingredients are really simple: beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, and essential oils.


Plus, it just occurred to me that the lotion bars really are perfect for using while you’re knitting. With the cooling temperatures (and a recent long weekend spent at a hotel for VK LIVE), my hands have been really drying out lately. This has presented a little dilemma before, because if I rub lotion from a bottle onto my hands, they’re suddenly greasy and too slippery for knitting. But with the kind of lotion bar that Milk+Honey makes, my hands take on a more tacky feel, with no slipperiness, so I can use it and keep knitting. (And they smell nice and lemongrass-y too!)


Among other prizes, the first-place winner of our photo contest will receive a Milk+Honey gift bag (containing a lotion bar and lip balm) plus two additional lotion bars—that’s a $40 value! The second-place winner will receive a gift bag and one additional lotion bar, and the third-place winner will receive a gift bag.

Thank you to Milk+Honey for providing these lovely prizes! Now let’s see you all EARN them with your cool photos! See full contest details on how to enter.

Being a Busy Bee


The above is an indication of why things have been quiet here this week. I’ve been busy with a secret project! If all goes well, we’ll get to see the results by the end of the year. Hopefully I’ll find my desk by the end of the year too.

Regular posting should resume tomorrow!