A Pattern Has Been Tested!

Many thanks to Joan, a brave soul who tested out my pattern for Uh-Ohs!

Here is a photo of the original Uh-Ohs, knitted by me (not sure why I haven’t featured them here yet):


And here is Joan’s version, with bright, shiny eyeballs!


(Hers look a little friendlier, no?)

An excellent job, and great photos too! You can see more of Joan’s photos of her Uh-Ohs here.

Also, check out her website AnthroPoMorphCo and her etsy shop, where you can befriend cute scowling vegetables and more!

Thanks to Joan’s help, the Uh-Ohs will be one of the first patterns available at Mochimochi Land.

4 thoughts on “A Pattern Has Been Tested!

  1. hooray for the Uh-Ohs! they were so much fun to make, and even more fun to play with once finished!
    i’m just thrilled to get to help someone so clever, Anna! :) thank you!

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