A Trip to the Hardware Store

Growing up, I spent many an hour in the local hardware store, waiting for my dad to find his whatnots for his latest project while I desperately tried to find something of interest to my own soft head. To my dad’s disappointment, I never picked up any of that boyish love for tools and parts that he tried to instill in me, but I did eventually come to appreciate the hardware store in a different sort of way.


Doesn’t this toilet float look just like a funny anteater? I love the robust shape of the body and that uncompromising snout. Classic cute shape.


And this curious three-legged creature. Ten points to whoever guesses what it is. Give up? It’s a sewage ejector!


This little guy didn’t need any photoshopping to bring out his inner character. This quirky thing going for a walk is none other than your common electrical fitting. (Thanks to acehardware.com for the images.)

There is inspiration in everything.

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