Does this look like a hippo? He’s given me some trouble, but I think I’ve finally gotten somewhere with the head. I was looking forward to doing a project with some fun shaping, and a hippo nose seemed like just the opportunity. Hopefully, after adding some features (eyes, teeth, etc.), we’ll get further away from the realms of bunny and dog and closer to hippoishness.

The body is the same that I used for Pepto the Elephant. I would love to make the hippo’s head tilt a little to one side, but this is proving difficult. Full results soon.

4 thoughts on “Proto-Hippo

  1. Thank you, Bonney and marti!

    I too am excited to see how it turns out. Felting (along with lots of plain old laundry) is planned for tomorrow.

  2. Hippo has undergone an amazing transformation since I last saw him (her? purple could go either way these days.)

    Great form, definitely a hippo now!

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