Kirsten Ulve’s Cacophony of Cute

This slice of cuteness is brought to us by my day job with the creative agency CWC International and gallery hanahou.


Today was our opening party for “Pictures You Will Like,” a solo show of digital artist Kirsten Ulve‘s gorgeous limited-edition prints. The prints (most of which Kirsten prints herself) are so brilliantly color-saturated, they would all just pop right off the wall if we hadn’t secured them so well.



Kirsten’s work is dangerous candy. Her images are sugar-sweet, but all contain a hint (sometimes more than a hint) of delightful darkness.


Filli Folli

This little digestive tract-dwelling monster would make a great soft toy.


Alice in Wonderland

I love almost anything Alice in Wonderland, but I think Kirsten’s version captures the mood of the enchanting-but-spooky Wonderland especially well.

“Pictures You Will Like” runs February 23rd through March 16th at gallery hanahou in New York, and her prints will also be available online soon at the gallery’s online shop.