It’s Your Vote

So I’m feeling a little wishy-washy about what the next free Mochimochi Land pattern should be. I’ve narrowed it down to two worthy candidates: Grass and Happy Cross.

Both could be interpreted as Easter-themed, and thereby in season for the month of April.

Know your candidates:

Grass is a classic toy inspired by natural forms and modeled after the grass on the Mochimochi Land homepage.

Happy Cross looks great on a wall and is a requisite for optimistic Christians, cheerful ironists, and giddy vampire slayers alike.

Cast your vote in the comments to this post. The winner will be featured as a free pattern on Mochimochi Blog (and the loser might still turn up again in a different context someday).

The polls are now open!

11 thoughts on “It’s Your Vote

  1. Gotta go with the grass, mostly for color (but I guess that’s silly when a pattern is concerned.)

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