The Golf-Playing Goose

Today I thought I’d share a detail from one of my wardrobe classics.


As you can see, it’s a golf-playing goose. Or maybe just a goose who thinks she can play golf. It’s a 2-inch embroidery detail from an odd, shapeless polo shirt that I picked up a number of years ago at a thrift store. The label reads “David Smith,” but checking around the internet, David doesn’t seem to be making clothing anymore. I don’t wear this shirt that often (not the best color for me), but I like the reactions I get when I do take it out for old time’s sake.

Dressed-up animals aren’t such an unusual theme for clothing, but somehow, the choice of a goose, and the choice of putting her in an early 20th century-era golf getup seems notable. She looks so innocent, it’s almost a little sad. All she ever wanted to do was play golf. I love this goose.

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