More Uh-Ohs and Hearts

Thanks so much to everyone who has volunteered to test knit my patterns! I really appreciate the help, and I’m glad to find the interest is out there.

And the results are in from another test run of the Uh-Ohs!


These Uh-Ohs were knitted by Oiyi. Hers turned out so cute ‘n fuzzy! You can read about all of her knitting and crochet projects at her blog. Thanks, Oiyi!

I also couldn’t help sharing some photos of my little hearts that people have knitted up.


Beautiful colors from Debbie.


And this little bug-eyed version is from Bitsieknits!

2 thoughts on “More Uh-Ohs and Hearts

  1. aw! Oiyi’s Uh-Ohs are such cuties! soon we’ll have enough Uh-Oh’s to take over the world! with cuteness, of course… ;)

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