Music for You

I always appreciate a good music recommendation. Here are some for you, selected from my recent acquisitions (but most are not recent releases).

– Caetano Veloso

I think I’m not alone when I cringe a little at the term “world music.” It’s meant to cover many diverse styles, yet it invariably brings to mind that Peruvian pan flute music that my mom used to play endlessly on family vacations.

Forget the genre name for the time being, and take a listen to this album by Brazilian pop/ rock legend Caetano Veloso. I’m just getting to know him myself, but this album is so fresh and exciting, I can’t wait to share it – it’s unmistakably and beautifully Brazilian, but the more frenetic parts of it are also reminiscent of old Talking Heads, or some of the more ’70s-ish indie rock that’s come out lately. And this guy is in his 60s.

Cathedral – Castanets

Nice goth-y country stuff.

We Haven’t Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved – Half-Handed Cloud

Lo-fi hipster Christian music. I think.


Platinum and Gold Collection – Eartha Kitt

Cute and jazzy and really engaging.

2 thoughts on “Music for You

  1. i found Caetano Veloso’s new album great! – i think this is very energetic one and i can hear his passion in his music. ( p.s.there are some part in this album where it sounds like he is speaking korean. i wonder if anyone else heard so too… )

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