Off to Japan

Tomorrow my husband and I are leaving for our much-awaited Christmas present (from him to us): two weeks in Japan! We’ll spend a few days in bustling Tokyo (shopping, shopping, shopping), a few in Okinawa, (beaches and snorkeling and kayaking), and a few around Nagoya (friends and hopefully a little rural side trip).

My internet access will be a little spotty, but I hope to update the blog with yummy Japan things as often as possible.

To kick off an exciting two weeks, here are a few randomly selected favorites from past rising-sun-land experiences:

Manga: Avant-garde publication Garo from the 1960s – discovered in the Shibuya Mandarake.

Movie: Densha Otoko (“Train Man”) – a silly otaku-themed romantic hit that I saw at the reserved-seating Roppongi Hills movie theater.

Music: Glay concert my friend took me to in Nagoya in 2005 – crazy coordinated participatory arm gestures for 3 hours straight!

Craft: An old knitting magazine I picked up at a flea market – check out those charming choppers.