Two New Patterns in Mochimochi Land!

It’s an extraordinary day in Mochimochi Land when not one, but TWO new patterns are added to the shop!

A grumpy little monster, he may resent you for knitting him, but that’s his problem!

And everyone’s favorite treat…
Sausage Dogs
These pups are linked together sausage-style. All the better to sniff one another’s butts!


4 thoughts on “Two New Patterns in Mochimochi Land!

  1. The sausage dogs are absolutely adorable. They make me hungry and more inclined to go vegan at the same time! What a condundrum…yet not one for my credit card!

  2. hey, I just tried to buy these…but the paypal linkie thing isn’t working for me. Is this my browser (silly, Mac Safari!) or is this a linkie problem?

  3. Strange! Safari is the browser of choice in Mochimochi Land, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Miki, I’ve sent you an e-mail so that I can work out the glitch for you.

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