Warning! A gross photo accompanies this post.

My husband John was just about to describe to me a moving piano piece that he had rediscovered among his old music books. But first, he decided to make a big sweeping gesture with his arm. His arm hit a drinking glass that was poised on the edge of the kitchen counter, and he tried to grab the glass before it fell to the floor and shattered, but it had already shattered on the counter. It proceeded to slice his index finger. Blood and sticky apple juice flew all over the kitchen.

The doctor at the emergency room first said that he may not need any stitches. Or maybe two would do. Two became four, then somehow just one more, and it would be perfect.


We were all rather impressed with the results. Gruesome, for sure, but undeniably artful. If tattoos are now as “mainstream” as the media say they are, then we might be onto an emerging trend in body modification. But then again, maybe not.

7 thoughts on “Bodycraft

  1. Ouch! I also become animated and everyone tends to duck and take a few step back if I’m waving my carving knife around while talking…..

  2. Thanks for the warning, but it still wasn’t enough. I found myself saying “BWAH!!!” outloud. My husband took a nasty fall a couple days ago off of a motorcycle. *sighs* Maybe it’s men? LOL.

  3. Holy Catfish, Batman! I am a very visual person so my eyes went immediately to the photo of the finger and then I did a double take! Tell John that he is one brave guy and that now his finger is all better he can brag about it to his guy-friends and make up a big tale about how he pulled you from a burning car, yeah?

    But…man! I dont know if it will leave a scar…but it would a mighty impressive one. I’m always a sucker for impressive scars :).

  4. Wow, that doesn’t look too pleasant. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much! You could tell everyone you scored a whopper of a pirhana at the fish auction.

  5. I’ve never had stitches myself, but it’s pretty impressive that you can just literally sew the body back together and it will repair itself with a little time.

    Teresa, I hope your husband’s OK! A motorcycle accident could easily be much worse than five measly stitches.

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your concern. The finger doesn’t hurt at all unless I try to stretch it out. It was sewn up quite expertly by a Swedish medical student who happened to be visiting New York for a couple of weeks (really). She had an interesting accent. Here is the advice she gave me:

    – If you get the stitches wet, pat them dry.
    – A tetanus shot will hurt the next day.
    – Do not visit Scandinavia in the winter.

    I would say that the prize of this comment thread goes to Marti, who expressed her sympathy and then got back to the important stuff: what the heck is Anna going to knit next? That’s the Mochimochi spirit.

    And Teresa, I too hope your husband’s fall wasn’t too bad.

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