Boxish Fish

Some fish are shaped like bread boxes. How silly!


A freshwater Puffer. Their little fins flap so quickly, they look like little bumblebees swarming around the tank. Boy do I want one of these!

An aptly named Boxfish.

A BABY Boxfish!

And the silliest of all is the Cowfish. He thinks he is a cow, but please don’t try to milk him.

5 thoughts on “Boxish Fish

  1. That lookdown fish is very silly – kind of like the Hatchet fish that we have. They look like little two-dimensional mayors.

    Tasha, I am so jealous! I must have a cowfish someday. But a marine tank is still a little far off for us.

  2. Hye Anna,
    Just had to let you know how cute those fish can be.
    When I was snorkelling in Rarotonga 2 years ago I saw a baby box fish which was just gorgeous! It was about the size of a dice and so small you couldnt see its fins or tail so it just looked like this little yellow spotted box flitting about in the water.

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