Coming Soon!


I was thrilled to have my Sleepy Snake & Mischievous Mouse featured on the CRAFT blog and Softies Central! Thank you to both of them!

If you’re visiting my site via either of these links, or if you’re just curious, the pattern will be available soon in my shop. (It’s being tested as we speak!)

If you would like to sign up on my mailing list and receive email notices when new patterns are available, please send an email to info [at] mochimochiland [dot] com.

Update 5/1/07: I am so unbelievably psyched that Boing Boing picked up on my silly Snake and Mouse too! Of course, what better time for my server to go down for most of the day?

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. This snake is the greatest! Will you do other terrifying animals? Congrats on being picked up by Boing Boing. Yu ought to be featured on Animal Planet, as well.

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