It was a little overcast today.


The raindrops are strung up in pairs, so their lengths are adjustable.


I’m thinking about Rainycloud as a name.

Update 5/3/07: Yay CRAFT blog! Thank you for another mention, Natalie!

24 thoughts on “Precipitation

  1. WOW! My jaw dropped when I saw this (and I’m at work so it was a little ridiculous). This is AMAZING!! I hope you’ll be selling this pattern too!

  2. Very cute! The attention to detail is perfect. When you finalize Rainycloud’s name, dont forget his little friends!

  3. It’s been rainy all day here and I was grumbling about not being able to go outside and play with my new plants, but then I saw this! Now the rain is adorable! Thanks for this new perspective.
    ( )
    ( o o )
    (_____U____ )
    \ \ \ \ \
    \ \ \ \\

  4. They keep getting better and better. I love rainy days and if I made that I’d always have a storm brewng!

  5. Thank you, everyone! This one was actually a pretty easy knit, so I just may add the pattern it to my shop very soon!

    Miki, I think I’ve settled on Rainycloud and Rainydrops for the names. Thanks for your input!

  6. A rainbow is a great idea! I’d have to think for a bit about how one would be best constructed. Might be one of those shapes that seems simple, but is hard to figure out how to make. Any ideas?

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