Giant, Giant Tofu

Last week I managed to drop in at the Devilrobots show at The Showroom NYC.

But first, I encountered this flood:


It seemed that some kind of water pipe had burst at 7th and 2nd avenue. A couple dozen people were stranded on the curbs, alternately staring dumbly at the gushing water and snapping photos for their blogs. Eventually, the police showed up, then the fire department. But by that time, I had retraced my steps and crossed the street to get to the other side and back across to my destination.

OK, now some photos from the show.

A boy who wants to be a dinosaur and his dinosaur costume. (It must get hot in there!)

A sweet little penguin.

Giant, giant tofu.

This is my fave – a kind of Tofuman house with other Tofumen living inside. It reminds me of this plastic treehouse toy I had when I was little:


3 thoughts on “Giant, Giant Tofu

  1. That giant tofu-house and your tree remind me of those Polly Pocket toys I used to have as a kid. Where you open up the locket and there is a tiny little world inside.

    And the penguin is adorable, though it kinds reminds me of a bananda because it’s little flippers are yellow and hugged close to its side like a banana peel.

  2. Sounds fun.
    Lucky you and all your getting to go to cute conventions.
    I had that exact same treehouse as a kid, also.

  3. They are all very cute! I hate to be the one to point this out, but are the stairs to the giant tofu house well…*ahem* a little oddly placed?

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