Is This Your Phone?

John and I went to take a walk in the Central Park yesterday and this little phone followed us home.


OK, it didn’t actually follow us home, but it was all alone on the path, without an owner in sight. We found it on the east side of the park, somewhere near 72nd Street.

The batteries are running low, so it keeps turning off after a few seconds of turning it on – getting any information from it is a desperate task that makes us feel like we’re in an episode of 24. This sensation is further exacerbated by the way that the phone insists on playing a 5-second ad every time you turn it on. It’s super annoying – don’t get this phone if you haven’t already.

In several very hurried sessions of turning the phone on before it shuts off, John has managed to get the number of the phone (he left a message in case the owner checks his or her voice mail), the number of a friend in the contacts list, and the number listed under “home.” So far, neither the owner nor her good friend nor whoever is at home seems to care about this phone.

We’ve considered returning the phone to a Verizon store, but John thinks they would rather see the owner buy a new phone than see this one returned. So if this is your phone, come and get it! We have enough phones as it is.

5 thoughts on “Is This Your Phone?

  1. You two are such good Samaritans. Too bad the owner isn’t as good a sleuth as you are.

  2. It is truly frustrating to try to access a phone on the last dregs of it’s battery. Especially when you really, really, need the info.

    And mine has one of those 5 second ads as well. Arg! Go away, I say!

  3. Now we’ve had the thing for 2 whole days and not a peep from any of the people we called. Very mysterious….

  4. I wonder if the owner of said phone is dead in Central Park, and the friend you called is the one who did it.

  5. The phone was finally returned to its rightful owner. During one of the mad dashes for info, I was able to stave off the automatic power-down long enough to find the owner’s work email. I sent her a message and finally head something back yesterday. She came by to get the phone today. She was very nice (and relieved)!

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