Pepto Has Arrived!

I’m happy to announce that Pepto the Elephant has finally joined us in the Mochimochi Shop!


(For those of you who already bought Tums, check your email for a super-special rate on Pepto!)

Pepto had the good fortune to be test knit by some very clever crafters.

Joan always cracks me up with her photos. Here we have a Pepto that snuck into the medicine cabinet when no one was looking…



And I already shared some photos of the special RED Pepto knitted by Miki. Here’s another one:


Get the pattern to make your own Pepto here, or get both the Pepto and Tums patterns here.

3 thoughts on “Pepto Has Arrived!

  1. I commented on Joan’s photos when I saw them in the Mochimochi flickr group. I simply love her little askew eyes. I would assume that Pepto would have a sharp sense of humor! Joan does great work. I’ve been working on test knitting Sleepy Snake and have been inspired for Mischevious Mouse’s colors by Joan’s photos that she already posted up of him. I love all this inspiration.

    And I am definitely reserving money for the special “medicine cabinet” sale. I gave Pepto away to a friend as a gift and now everyone is clamoring for one.

  2. He’s a cutie. I should try something like that for the kids, as I’ve been stuck on bears lately. :-)

  3. aaaw, thank you SO much Miki! and Anna too… you both flatter me so that i am almost as pink as Pepto! ! i have had such a wonderful time and many many giggle fits thanks to this place called Mochimochiland… yup, i <3 it here! ;)

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