White and Squishy

I’m excited about the color (non-color?) white today.

Someone (whose identity shall remain anonymous) sent me a photo of a very special white version of the grass.


Maybe there was an overnight frost, or maybe grass is just white in this crafter’s world. In any case, it’s super cute! Love the eyes, too.

Thus inspired, I couldn’t wait to make a white cloud today.


The Rainycloud pattern is coming any day now to the Mochimochi Shop, so please check back soon!

One thought on “White and Squishy

  1. Aw, I love the white grass! And a garter stitch version is something unique. I could see it being given as a baby toy since the texture of the garter bumps would be an interesting toy. Of course, the eyes would be embroidered!

    And I am so excited for Rainycloud!

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