Rock Albers, Comic Hero

Tonight John and I went to see his big brother (as seen on Last Comic Standing!) perform at Gotham. Laughter ensued.

rockalbersAmong the 12 or so five-minute performances, the highlight of the evening came with bunny ears, a boom box, and a megaphone. Rock Albers stole the show by far, at least according to our table of three. I’m generally more of a quiet chuckler than a hearty guffawer, but Mr. Albers had me in pieces, literally crying with his routine about various countries’ national animals. Maybe his comedy isn’t for everyone, but for us it was truly inspiring.

Check out the videos on his website for a sense of the experience. The “state birds” clip made me realize that Rock and I have something in common: we’re both from Oklahoma!

After the show, we met him and signed up to his mailing list (an honest-to-God mailing list, with real newsletters), so we’re looking forward to much more Rock.

One thought on “Rock Albers, Comic Hero

  1. I will have to look at his videos when I’m at home (wouldn’t do to have my laughing out loud at work!), but if he is as funny as his photos makes him appear to be I think I will love him.

    He is just so serious looking! And then you notice the pink bunny ears and…oh dear!

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