TV Guy

Little outdated TV Guy used to be the talk of the town, but now he is dwarfed by today’s modern technology.


There’s not much to him, just a blank screen and antennae. (His knobs fell off sometime in the early ’90s.)


He doesn’t measure up in more ways than one….


Retirement isn’t so bad, though – now that no one is watching him, TV Guy has more time to watch what he wants to watch: Trading Spouses.

12 thoughts on “TV Guy

  1. Gosh, he’s sooooo cute…. :P He must feel intimidated next to that huge flat screen…
    It kinda looks like my tv, without cable…

  2. I can see that his reception isn’t that good as well…someone has been naughty and moved his rabbit ears a little skewed!

    His blue face is adorable though! I am wondering what one would look like with that rainbow screen that comes on when the station has gone off the air…oo!

  3. Cute! Looking forward to when the pattern is released!

    My server giving me grief, Can’t sent or receive emails at this time. Bugger! Have to wait another week or so for BF to come over and fix it for me.

  4. Oh, it’s nice to see that TV Guy can still attract a little attention! Thank you for the nice comments!

    Miki, I love your idea of the rainbow screen. Or static snow!

  5. Anna–Was your inspiration the rabbit-eared 6-inch screen in our bathroom? Or the rabbit-eared 10-inch in the bedroom? I think his face should be a little fuzzier, like our reception on these two gems.

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