Waves or Ruffles or Clouds

Sick of her nursing mannequins and all their complaining about being in pain, my mom came back to New York with me from Oklahoma last week. On Saturday, we paid a visit to Mood, the ultimate fabric destination as seen on TV.

The staff was much nicer than I remembered from before, when I had visited during Fashion Week and they had all been in an understandable tizzy. So I definitely recommend a non-Fashion Week visit.

To complement my awesome cotton print that’s now sitting in a bag somewhere, I got this awesome cotton jersey print to sit in another bag somewhere until I actually take up sewing:


But really, it’s so pretty, I have no excuse this time not to pick up that Singer manual. I’m thinking a pretty tunic top, simple and sublime. Or at least as sublime as a first sewing project can get.

3 thoughts on “Waves or Ruffles or Clouds

  1. Just bring the darn skirt up when you come and we’ll finish it off!!! And yes, you could read the manual but you don’t have to. I’m glad they were nice to you at Mood.

  2. Ooh, printed jersey! ‘Round here, I have had no luck finding nice jersey. Someday I’ll get to a more fashionable city and do some damage!

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