Time for a New Lamp

As of last night, our ’70s-lounge-y lamp from Target is broken.


My handy husband did everything he could – he checked the bulbs, then um, checked the bulbs again. Nothing wrong with the bulbs, so we can’t think of much else to do. It seems such a waste, since the lamp is only a couple of years old. But as you can see, my computer screen is now the brightest thing in my corner workstation, which is no condition for knitting.

While we think about what to do with the lamp, we’ve started appreciating the alternative lighting we have in our bedroom. Not really enough to knit by, but pleasant nonetheless:


This is Marcel Dzama’s Sad Ghost lamp. I got it for John for Christmas a year and a half ago. He is so sad, you have to love him.


And this one was a gift to me from John’s sister several years ago. This cat is apparently called Kamkam, but I haven’t found much about it on the web, though I think I’ve seen other products at Toy Tokyo.

In any case, I wish our so-stylish Target lamp had lasted as long as our silly novelty lamps!

6 thoughts on “Time for a New Lamp

  1. I would second Cairi’s idea and maybe check some wiring? Maybe a cord or connection is loose.

    It does look like a fun and retro lamp! Though not as cute as poor Sad Ghost!

  2. It probably is wiring, but if so, it’s too deep into the lamp for me to be able to get at it. I actually did do more in my attempts to revive it than check the bulbs. Anna made me out to be quite the fool in her post! I’ll remember that the next time she wants some fancy new feature added to Mochimochi Land. Sorry, dear, I only know how to change the bulbs in the server!

  3. Yeah, I thought she was selling you short, there. You are very handy, John! I have had my share of dead Target lamps.

  4. The problem is a lot of companies now are cheaping out on stuff, and instead of making stuff that a Reasonable Person can repair, they make stuff that, when it breaks, you have to toss it and buy a new one.

    good for their bottom line, I suppose. Not so good for the environment or for the consumers’ pocketbooks.

    I had a much-loved Ikea lamp that broke a year ago and I tried everything to repair that sucker….finally concluded the way it was wired, once it broke, it was broken for good.

  5. Sadly we live in a disposable society now, I’d be inclined to have an electrician look at it and ask for a quote. Failing that, improvise……or go buy another cheap one frome Target or K mart. Everything we buy is made to break, not made to last…

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