Team Macho

The gallery I work for has a fun summer show coming up next month. I’ll post the details once the show opens (on July 19th), but for now I thought I’d share the awesomeness of one of our special participants, Team Macho.

Team Macho is an art collaboration of five men based in Toronto. Their work is a gleefully eclectic mix of styles and little surprises.


They recently had a show at Magic Pony in Toronto, where they released their book called Fancy Action Now. (I’m having trouble locating the book online, but I suspect that Magic Pony might still have some copies.)


It’s all so strange and wonderful – I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with for our show.


Best of all, check out their adorable photo:

Don’t you just want to give them all a big hug? Team Macho seems very huggable. And they’ll send you some artwork if you happen to have a spare drill press lying around. How nice!

3 thoughts on “Team Macho

  1. Thanks for the lovely review! You are too kind. Only four of us are actually huggable, as Stephen has large, slimy thorns poking out of his chest. As for the book, more have recently arrived at Magic Pony and we will also be taking orders through our site.


    Team Macho

  2. Thanks for stopping by, TM! Hope I can meet some of you at our opening later this month.

    And thanks for the tip about the book. Now we can all get one!

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