Teeny Tiny Lemmings

I’m trying to take some time this summer to create a few one-off knitted pieces. Little landscapes or scenes are appealing because the possibilities seem endless, and it’s a great opportunity to incorporate some texture (you know, purling and cable patterns and maybe even a little lace), which I have been starting to miss lately after all the stockinette madness that my toys require.

My first effort is a little scene of itty-bitty lemmings jumping off a cliff. Here are the first two that I just knitted up (one is meant to be leaning over the edge, and the other dangling by one little paw):


This is by far the smallest thing I’ve ever attempted. And by the way, no need to be horrified at my subject choice – I checked, and lemmings do not typically make it a habit to hurl themselves off cliffs into the ocean. So this is just pretend mass suicide!

Here is a slightly better photo, with our couch standing in as the cliff:


I guess they’re a bit more convincing in person. Anyway, if all goes well, the finished piece will include knitted water, knitted cliff, and a small army of knitted lemmings in various stages of jumping.

8 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Lemmings

  1. I don’t know if you want to destroy any sort of intended realism, but I remember a Far Side cartoon where Gary Larson showed lemmings going off a cliff, and then, back a little in the pack, there was a very smug-looking lemming with a “floaty” innertube around his middle.

  2. Now that you mention it, fillyjonk, I think I do remember that Gary Larson cartoon – very cute.

    Certainly no realism intended here – I’m hoping to construct it so that the lemmings that have jumped into the water appear to be making their way up onto dry land again, only to make the ascent again for another jump.

  3. Wow! What tiny, tiny crafting. I am sure that some of that knitting (maybe the increases and decreases?) were a bit tricky due to the small size.

    Wonderful crafting though. And I am glad that the lemmings are just going into the water for a quick bath and not something more permanent :).

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