Cute Pollution

Isn’t pollution adorable? It’s like, “Hey! Lookit me, being unsightly and unhealthy all over the place—aren’t I just the little scamp?”

Ha ha, yes you are, pollution. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just check out these unhappy clouds of pollution (CO2?) from plush toy artist BYTEDUST (aka Dennis Douven):


Or the “Greedy Gas Guzzlers” series of sculptures by Matt Campbell:


I love the way his plastic clouds are so billowy-looking.

Which brings me to my most recent little knitted toy, which will be polluting nuclear chimneys! My first prototype looks kind of like a worm crawling out of a clay pot, so I won’t be sharing a photo of it until it looks more like what I’m imagining. But the nuclear power plant from The Simpsons is one of my inspirations.


By the way, I realize that nuclear cooling towers are not actually spewing pollution up into the air. The idea is that it’s an iconic image that might work well as a knitted toy. (I hope!)