Trust Your Style

I was so excited to see Mochimochi Land featured on Trust Your Style last week!


Trust Your Style is the blog of designer and fashion writer Mary Jo Matsumoto, who profiles her favorite artists and designers and dispenses extra-helpful style advice all on one page. Where else can you read about the new Gary Baseman show AND learn how to correctly pronounce “Louis Vuitton” at the same time? (Probably nowhere.)

I’ve become acquainted with Mary Jo and her blog over the past year or so through my work at CWC International. As you can see from her art-savvy posts on TYS, Mary Jo is a big supporter of young artists, and she has featured many of our artists in interviews. I love how she really does her research before interviewing the artists and designers she profiles, and how she asks them to send her photos of their life and inspirations in addition to samples of their work. It’s a refreshingly in-depth approach to blogging that is rare in the Land of Links.

In addition to her wonderful blogging, Mary Jo also has her own line of designer handbags, which look very yummy!


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  1. Congrats on the publicity! And Mary Jo’s handbag is gorgeous…though don’t tell my boyfriend that, he already says I have enough of them!

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