Public Toilets

Walking through Red Hook in Brooklyn yesterday (at least I think it was Red Hook), I noticed a curious preponderance of shrines. Flowery statues of the Virgin Mary, flashy-but-sad-looking patriotic window displays, and then this homage to the mundane:


What’s not to love about these cute toilets all in a row? It’s like the one on the right is the mama toilet, and the rest are her babies that follow her around and have learned to freeze in a line when people walk by.

8 thoughts on “Public Toilets

  1. Hahaha, I think the little holes where the flusher would be look like eyes…like they’re peeking to check if you’ve walked by yet or not. I’ll never look at toilets the same again…

  2. Wow…that’s the most random thing I’ve seen on a blog in awhile! What a strange thing to see on the street! lol….

  3. I could have used one of these on my trip home yesterday. Not for me; but for the passenger who decided when we were second in line after waiting for 8 planes to take off, that she needed to go to the bathroom of which there was none. And so the plane returned to the gate. That’s right, the plane inconvenienced 12 people’s plans so this adult could go to the bathroom. As it turns out she cost us 2 hours so I’m still a little tetchy about the subject……

  4. oh boy! I definitely could have used one of these as well! I drank a whole large cup of mountain dew and then a cup of coffee on the way home. It was torture holding it until I got home.

  5. Come to San Antonio. There is a guy who lives in the priciest neighborhood here who has a toilet seat museum in his garage. He’s quite famous and actually appeared on the old tonight show with Johnny Carson.

    Google “San Antonio toilet seat museum” and you should be able to find it!

  6. those are the cutest toilets! the mama one is wearing a hat (lid). maybe you should knit a toilet creature…

  7. LOL
    I am so glad I found this blog … it’s a good one!

    Hmmm … there are the toilets … with cisterns … so WHERE is BOB???!!! ;-)

    drooling downunder
    (drooling over that stash of Bonnies – that is how I found this blog – someone sent me the link to that stash)

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