Puffy, the Cuter Polluter


This is Puffy. Puffy spends all his time tainting rivers and causing asthma, but he hopes you won’t hold it against him. He comes in a variety of colors and smells, so collect them all!

6 thoughts on “Puffy, the Cuter Polluter

  1. muahaha…which one is puffy and which one is puffier? lol. I was getting ready to argue with you that the cloud should be grey, but then I realized that this is an atomic cloud!

  2. So that’s what keeps trying to kill me???? Hmmmm, cheerful little chap isn’t he? Is he to be the next freebie or are we to buy this one at a later date maybe?????

  3. Faye, good question! I actually haven’t decided what to do with Puffy yet. But you can expect to see more of him soon!

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