Ninja Bunny


Watch out for the Ninja Bunny! He’s very sneaky and covert. In fact, he’s got a very sneaky and covert operation planned for this week. If we’re very quiet, we may be able to catch him in action soon….

Update 8/3/07: I’ve decided to keep Ninja Bunny’s covert activities under wraps for a little while. But he’ll definitley reappear soon as a pattern in the shop!

19 thoughts on “Ninja Bunny

  1. Shhhhh… Let’s keep quiet… I want to see more of this cute little guy… sorry… deadly ninja bunny…
    (I have a crush on him……… I went Awwwwwww out loud the second I saw him…)

    I love it Anna… he’s sooo cute… he’d look amazing in his black ninja outfit…

  2. I Love Him!! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and really enjoy it, your work is amazing! I wish I was half as creative… :)

  3. Am I the last person to be scared by ninjas?

    Ninjas are scary! They come in the night and kill people! They use swords! They are assassins!

    They are much scarier than pirates, who, when you think about it, operate on a very poor business model.

  4. smart ninja bunny to wear green… no one will see you as you steal your way through the grass… hop hop… yes, ribbles, it *is* scary…

  5. tee hee! you are super-clever as always, Anna!
    i think every gardener fears the ninjabun! even those of us with incurable cuteness susceptibility know they are a force to be reckoned with… ;)

  6. Anna–Ninja bunny needs to hop into my office to calm down all the nervous students who come by. He can choose from nests already there for his comfort–on floor, desk top and on the bookshelf. In fact, does he have any brothers or sisters? I’ve got room for them all!

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