Unusual Mochimochi Land Toys

I have been blown away by the amazingly inventive twists and interpretations that knitters have given to Mochimochi Land patterns. Here are a few that I’ve noticed (and loved!) recently:


A rarely seen one-horned Hrumph cleverly made by wordgirrl.


An awesomely textured Bob made by FillyjonkKnitter.


This special black police gun was made by ax174 as a (modified) test of Luvgun. (This much-anticipated pattern is coming soon to the shop!)


babard04 made this husband-and-wife couple “interpreted” as Grass for a most unique wedding gift!!

If you have any toys made from Mochimochi Land patterns that you’d like to share with the world, please put them on the Mochimochi Friends group on Flickr!

One thought on “Unusual Mochimochi Land Toys

  1. Eee…I love the harumph! He looks kinda scary because he is so big…yet sorta like an eggplant because he is so purply and bumpy and his one horn lookes like a leaf stem!

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