Swimming Lemmings


40 little lemmings dive off a cliff, only to swim back up on shore and dive off again.


What a silly, exhausting routine!


But everybody’s got to have a job, right?


The piece measures about 10 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. Each lemming is about 1 inch long.


20 thoughts on “Swimming Lemmings

  1. Marvelous sculpture. I could see this as an art gallery piece–“Doomed”. (I work at an art gallery.) And all the partial lemmings seen in the sea. I had flashbacks to playing the Lemmings videogame in the ’90s. I’m glad the little fellas aren’t suffering permanent harm here.

  2. I love the texture of the waves. This piece is very sculptural and the detail is awesome. I cannot imagine how long it took you to individually place each lemming nor the ends you had to somehow weave in.

    I also love how the cliff isn’t just a flat surface but has crags and nooks and how the ground is seed stitch like a rocky cliff face would be. Wonderful attention to detail as always. You should definitely think of displaying these in public somewhere.

  3. this is totally brilliant and i hope that you don’t mind that i have linked to this in my blog.

    it made my morning and i needed to share!

  4. What nice comments! I was curious to see how the lemmings went over, so thank you.

    aprill, I’m so flattered that you linked to me on your blog! But the link as it shows up here is broken. I believe it should be:


    Thanks again!

  5. This is one of the crazier, and most amazing things I have ever seen! I LOVE where your mind takes you, creatively. This is just…cool!!

  6. Hi Robyne, I’m Anna. I’m in New York, though I haven’t been here all your life, unless you’re two. Nice to meet you, and thank you for visiting! (Your blog is awesome, btw.)

    Mr. Blinkey, good question! I suppose I could do a pattern, if there was any interest, but it would be a little long. In any case, I did about half of this freehand, so it can never be duplicated exactly.

  7. A work of true creative inspiration — the very definition of art. And yet it’s also craft. Love it. (And the little legs sticking out of the water are just adorable!)

  8. That is AMAZING!!! I am soooo impressed. I will be telling all my knitting friends about it. Thank you so much for sharing and taking such great pictures of your creation.

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