I Am Officially a Business!


Today is my birthday, my third one ever to land on Friday the 13th!

I don’t have so much planned for the day, but my devoted husband already gave me my gift: official Mochimochi Land business cards! Aren’t they cute? They’re printed on a lovely card stock with a lovely matte finish. And I think the rounded corners are perfectly mochimochi!

Thank you, Sweetie!

Now I just have to go out and find some people to give them to….

15 thoughts on “I Am Officially a Business!

  1. Happy Birthday Anna!
    Friday the 13th is a good day today! Love the business cards, and hope your day is filled with more surprises and fun!
    Much love!

  2. Happy Birthday! Your cards are fantastic!! What a thoughtful thing for him to do. Enjoy the day…

  3. I’m a little late to the party! Happy Birthday! My boyfriend’s birthday was the 11th, so this week was a good one all around :). I know a lot of people who look at the 13th as a lucky day for their own reasons, and unless you are a Knights Templar (the real origin of the unlucky 13th myth), I don’t think that you have any ill luck to be afraid of :).

    What a swell guy your husband is to give you business cards for your birthday! I love how the rounded edges make them look cute and very mod!

    I hope your birthday went well!

  4. Thank you very much, everyone! This is so great – if you include the magic of Facebook, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many birthday wishes!

    And Mary Jo – thanks so much for stopping by! Your blog is a huge inspiration to me.

  5. Happy Birthday! I had a friend in grade school whose 13th birthday fell on Friday the 13th. It was right exciting for us. Love your business cards.

  6. HI Anna,

    I stumbled across your blog because the post about your MIL’s stash was linked on Bockstark. Your blog is funny and your projects are both cute and inspirational. Who knew that combo was possible? I’ll definitely be back. Happy belated birthday.

  7. Kristan, nice to meet you, and thank you so much for your nice words! I’m glad you like my blog and patterns. Hope to be seeing you around soon!

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