DOMA is an Argentenian art collective after my own heart. Their toy series Acid Sweeties, released earlier this year through Kidrobot, is exactly what I would make if I made plastic collectable toys.

Here are some of my gotta-have-em’s from the series:

Sicky Barrel


Mr Earth

Frog Guy

The toys are $7.95 for a blind box (you don’t know which you’re getting), so I recommend buying at least two at a time to avoid disappointment. (There’s always one or two in any series that you don’t really want.) But this is an overwhelmingly great collection—I almost wish it didn’t exist so that I could come up with all of them myself. Oh well.

If you happen to be in the Berlin area, check out DOMA’s work at Planet Prozess, which runs though August 19.

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  1. I love Mr. Earth. I wonder why I’m going to make a poached egg right now……….

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